Advisory Board

James Barquinero
Senior Vice President for Student Affairs and Athletics
Sacred Heart University

Richard Bischoff
Vice President for Enrollment 
Case Western Reserve University

Donald C. Bishop
Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Enrollment
University of Notre Dame

John W. Buckley
Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment
Fordham University

Douglas L. Christiansen
Vice Provost for University Enrollment Affairs,
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Vanderbilt University

William T. Conley
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Bucknell University

James W. Cotter
Director of Admissions
Michigan State University

Anitra Douglas-McCarthy
Director of Graduate Recruitment
Cornell University

Jessica Eads
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Hofstra University


William R. Fitzsimmons
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Harvard University

Christoph Guttentag
Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Duke University

Alicia Kornowa
Director of Admissions Recruitment
University of Cincinnati

Mitchell Lipton
Vice President of Enrollment Services,
Dean of Admissions
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

Rodney Morrison
Associate Provost, Enrollment and Retention Management
Stony Brook University

James G. Nondorf
Vice President for Enrollment and Student Advancement,
Dean of College Admissions and Financial Aid
The University of Chicago

Logan Powell
Dean of Admission
Brown University

Richard H. Shaw
Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Financial Aid
Stanford University

Mike Steidel
Dean of Admission
Carnegie Mellon University

Kelly A. Walter
Associate Vice President and Executive Director
Boston University

Patrick Winter
Associate Vice President,
Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment Management
University of Georgia