Feb. 13, 2013
6 years, 3 months ago

Getting Down to Business

Carnegie Communications is excited to announce we’ve added a Business Edition to the PC&U suite of recruitment services! Since 1985, PC&U has been at the forefront of response-driven communication, marketing, and recruitment services for colleges and universities, and the Business Edition now enables schools to reach over 400,000 prospective students planning to major in business-related fields. With access to all College Board and NRCCUA names, along with select ACT names and our own proprietary database, no other solution provides this type of multi-channel access to such a qualified audience.

The Business Edition joins PC&U’s other audience-segmented options for student recruitment, including:

  • Academic Achievement

  • Science and Engineering

  • Health and Medicine

  • Multicultural

  • International

  • Transfer

  • Catholic

  • Christian

  • Transfer

  • Visual and Performing Arts

Reaching over 3,000,000 students directly in their homes through e-communication and online every year, PC&U continues to be a leading resource for schools to help achieve their enrollment goals. In 2012, over four million inquiries were generated from PC&U from over 490,000 unique students.

For more information on these or any of our other services, please contact Mark Cunningham at mcunningham@carnegiecomm.com or visit our website at www.carnegiecomm.com.

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