Industry Experts Are Joining Forces

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February 23–25, 2021
3 days | 15+ speakers | Free event

Join us for a free higher education enrollment and marketing virtual conference where experts in our industry are joining forces to bring you inspiring conversation, new insights, and actionable contentIt's happening at The Connection hosted by Carnegie Dartlet.

Who's holding the mic?

  • Todd Rinehart, NACAC & University of Denver
  • Marcus Hanscom, NAGAP & Roger Williams University
  • Rahul Choudaha, GMAC
  • Ken Higgins, Slate
  • John Farrar, Google
  • Blair Siegler, Cory Lesher & Justin Sadowski, Facebook
  • Liz Gross, Campus Sonar
  • Gil Rogers, PlatformQ Education
  • Scott Novak, Underscore
  • Matt Kincaid, Author & Leadership Consultant
  • Scott Ochander & Eric Page, Carnegie Dartlet
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What topics are on tap?


  • A Conversation with NACAC's President
  • One Year Later: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Shaping Student Perceptions
  • Lessons Learned This Year: Google's Insight Into Student Behaviors and Motivations
  • Trends & Behaviors from Facebook & Instagram
  • Data-Driven Tips to Improve Your Digital Strategy: Insights from Campus Sonar’s Latest Research


  • Adapting to the Times: Graduate Enrollment Marketing through COVID and Beyond
  • Demand for Graduate Management Education in Times of Shifting Candidate Journey from GMAC
  • From Search to Social: What Prospective Grad Students Are Saying
  • How the Best Leaders Cultivate a Culture of Candor with Matt Kincaid
  • Redesigning for Growth
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  • Practical & Tactical Use Cases with Slate
  • Best Practice Approaches for Slate: Your CRM & Search
  • The Virtual Engagement Spectrum: Making Sense of the Strategies in a Post-Pandemic World from PlatformQ Education
  • Lead Gen & Student Connections: A Carnegie Dartlet Story
  • New sessions added! Register to view the full line-up!

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