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Enrollment Marketing During and After COVID-19
How have schools been responding to the current health crisis? How are students feeling and behaving? And what does it all mean in both the short and long term for enrollment marketing? Join us as we review the experiences, lessons learned, impacts, and evolving strategies and approaches to enrollment marketing both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing’s Response to Student Surveys
With so many prospective student surveys happening over the past several months, it’s important to consider how enrollment marketers can approach and adapt their strategies to respond to all the feedback, perspectives, and mindsets shared from them all. From concerns about COVID-19 and what it means for students this fall to changing behaviors and decision-making factors, marketers need to be set up to connect with students how and where they can best and communicate with them in the ways they need today.

Solving the Content Crisis in Higher Education
“My creative feels somewhat generic and typical.” “Our messaging is all over the place.” “I don’t know how we can stand out anymore.” These are common, top-of-mind questions in marketing and admission departments across higher education, and the COVID-19 crisis spilling into the fall semester has only increased the pressure to get your content and brand/campaign creative right. Join us as we share how to best approach and strategize your 2020–2021 content and creative to rise above the global health threat and drive enrollment results.

From Google & YouTube to Social & Streaming: Changing Behaviors Across Digital
In the world of enrollment marketing and amid a global pandemic where time spent online is changing dramatically, it’s more important than ever to keep up with where prospective students are spending their time, how they’re consuming content, and what works best to engage them. But what does it all mean for adapting your digital marketing strategy? We’ll walk through a variety of different digital channels, review how we’ve seen behavior and time spent shift over the past six months, and share what we’ve seen work well for the hundreds of institutions we work with that needed to adjust their approaches and respond to evolving circumstances. 

Is It Working? How Do You Know?
Today, yesterday, and tomorrow, regardless of current circumstances, setting yourself up for marketing success is imperative. Defining what success looks like, then developing and implementing a strategy to measure and improve upon that success, are requirements for an effective digital strategy. In this session, we’ll review what’s possible and what we’ve seen work well with landing pages, Google Analytics, conversion strategies, Data Studio, and advanced and multitouch attribution possibilities.

It’s Not You, It’s Them
Students are going through so much these days, and they’re responding to it in their own unique ways that reflect their distinct personalities. How do you handle that as an enrollment marketer? From communication and content to tactics and channels, see why your ability to connect with students as individuals, reflect a tone that’s right and effective, communicate your own personality and values, and make your institution stand out are more challenging—and more important—than ever.

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