CollegeXpress Student Insights Report

What if you could hear what over 6,400 high school students want you to know about their college search process; their experiences with communications, marketing, and websites; and what they’d recommend schools do differently or better?

The CollegeXpress Student Insights report offers unprecedented access to the minds and psyches of your student prospects.

Cover of CollegeXpress Student Insights Report

Real student quotes:

  • "I receive information in the mail everyday from colleges. It makes me feel good to see schools are interested in me but at the same time it feels very impersonal. None of them know me or my goals, just my test scores. What makes me special to them?" - Junior
  • "Do not use the same letters as everyone else to recruit students make the students feel wanted or don't bombard them with the same emails as every other college." - Senior
  • "Meeting the staff and interactions with them really pushed this school to the top of my list. The staff encouraging me to visit the new building and seeing the great resources was a very positive and put a bar that other schools have failed." - Junior
  • "I began to watch a lot of YouTube videos about college. I stumbled across a YouTuber who attended University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her videos really showcased the school as a whole: its beauty, the academics, the campus, etc. After this, I began to do research on the school, and I quickly began to like it more and more." - Junior
  • "Writing personalized emails or at least making the emails less “spam-y” will give students a more interactive and personal experience during their college search." - Sophomore

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