Digital Insights for Graduate Enrollment Report

Welcome to the Digital Insights for Graduate Enrollment Report, developed and provided by Carnegie Dartlet and NAGAP. As part of their ongoing partnership, these industry leaders have developed the second edition of the special Digital Insights Report, compiling invaluable data from Carnegie Dartlet’s work with leading online and social platforms with direct input from NAGAP members.

What's involved:

  • NAGAP surveyed graduate enrollment management and marketing professionals to learn what they’re most interested in, concerned about, and focused on when it comes to digital marketing for graduate enrollment.
  • Carnegie Dartlet aggregated data from graduate digital marketing campaigns at colleges and universities to identify benchmarks, trends, and behaviors concerning digital marketing across a variety of strategies, including Pay Per Click, social media, mobile, Display, and Retargeting.
  • Insights were drawn from social media and networking platforms and Google that detail how their audiences are behaving, engaging, and demonstrating interest across these platforms for graduate opportunities and research.

Cover of Digital Insights for Graduate Enrollment Report

The information gathered from these industry and online leaders has been pooled and analyzed to offer comprehensive insights into the digital landscape for graduate enrollment marketing and strategy.

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