CarnegieDartlet February 2019
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Make a Strong First Impression With CollegeXpress Recruitment Strategies

Mark Cunningham

Names, inquiries, leads, suspects, matter the terminology you use or how you label the prospective students…

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How to Understand Google My Business Insights for Higher Education

Brian Mini

When looking to increase your college or university’s organic search presence, Google My Business (GMB) should be…

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Carnegie Dartlet Announces 7
Regional Marketing Workshops

Alexa Poulin

Carnegie Dartlet has a legacy of thought leadership, training, and education. For the last three years, in partnership with Google…

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How Duplicate Content Affects
SEO in Higher Education

Abby Curtis

Is your website rich with original and unique content, or do several pages have identical copy? Colleges and universities…

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Psychographic Audience Segmentation

Date: March 5, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm ET

Who do you attract, and how do you communicate to them? Our second webinar will explore how to match your demographics with psychographics and build remarkably informative persona profiles that can guide your marketing strategy to new heights. Learn how to segment these personas and communicate with them in a meaningful way while maintaining your institution’s authentic personality.

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