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CarnegieDartlet October 2020
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Optimizing Communications Flow for 2020 and Beyond

Stephanie Levenson, John Carroll University

The enrollment operations and communications audit that Carnegie Dartlet led us through…

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Prospective Grad Student Survey: Social Media Preferences & Recommendations

Mark Cunningham

As a continuation of the prospective graduate student surveys Carnegie Dartlet has conducted (and the insights…

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Introduction to Google Analytics 4 for Higher Education Institutions

Kyle Bruen

If you haven’t heard yet, let us be the first to introduce you to the latest version of Google Analytics…

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The Quad - Higher Education Podcast

Carnegie Dartlet

This month's episode focuses on the delayed college search cycle for the Class of 2021, COVID-19 on campus, mental health and professional development, and politics and higher ed.

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Carnegie Dartlet and CUPRAP joined together for a two-day Digital and Enrollment Marketing Virtual Workshop. Topics covered included:

  • Enrollment Marketing During and After COVID-19
  • Marketing’s Response to Student Surveys
  • Solving the Content Crisis in Higher Education
  • From Google & YouTube to Social & Streaming: Changing Behaviors Across Digital
  • And more

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Hot Topics in Higher Education – Q&A

Q: Based on lower name purchase availability, I need my Student Search to be more effective now than ever. What can I do to connect better with this limited audience?

A: Combine a layered channel strategy, coordinating email, mailed collateral, 1:1 outreach and recruitment efforts, digital marketing, and landing pages into a cohesive, strategic communications plan. Utilize audience data at your disposal (everything from demographic to psychometric) to build lookalike audiences within your social channels.

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