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Free Marketing Workshops

Carnegie Dartlet has many exciting events around the country throughout the year. Our free marketing workshops cover a vast array of topics from Digital Marketing, Enrollment, and SEO to audience specific, including Undergraduate and Graduate. Unfortunately, due to due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been forced to reschedule all of our in person events this spring. If any of the these topics are of interest just complete the form on the right to be notified when the topic you're most interested in will be taking place. We hope to bring virtual options to you soon as well as in-person workshops again this fall. 

Enrollment Strategy Workshop:

With changing demographics, higher expectations from your audience, changing rules and regulations, and an increasingly competitive higher education landscape, there has never been a more challenging time to be in enrollment management. Our workshops will dive deep into how prospective students make choices and what they’re saying about their college search, how you can better understand your position among your competitors, the importance of emotive marketing, the changing dynamic of student search, and how NACAC deregulation is impacting recruitment and marketing strategy. 

Digital Marketing Workshop:

In this workshop, we’ll cover everything from setting up successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns to creating a good SEO strategy. We’ll dig deep into user experience best practices, explore advanced analytics tracking, discuss website personalization, and review which social media platforms to consider when marketing to your target audience.

Branding & Creative:

How do you create what’s right? How do you express what’s the most meaningful, most authentic, and most engaging? In a lively half day of conceptualization, creation, and conversation, Carnegie Dartlet will have you up on your feet building the visual and verbal toolkit for your communications teams to tell compelling stories.


Google Analytics (GA) was not specifically designed with higher education in mind, but our Google Analytics workshop is. This workshop will cover the fundamentals, best practices, and tips to ensure that your institution is taking full advantage of the features and insight-rich reports that Google Analytics has to offer. Throughout the day, we will dive into foundational GA attribution concepts, audience segmentation features, Goal and Event tracking, and the go-to reports for marketing and website performance measurement.

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