COVID-19 Current College Students Report

Many current college students are reeling from an unprecedented hurdle to their education. The issues caused by COVID-19 are far-reaching, but students are ready and willing to talk about these challenges.

“As things continue to get worse, I really don't want COVID-19 to delay school for a semester... I'm just really close to graduating and don't want to delay that any more than necessary for a lot of reasons.” ~ female survey respondent, Mountain West

Carnegie Dartlet sampled current college students from across the country who use our CollegeXpress platform. In less than 24 hours, we received 5,213 completed surveys.

The report includes information on:

  • Concern about the outbreak
  • Potential delays to education
  • Changes to communication and support needs
  • Financial anxiety
  • The shift to online classes
  • Virtual campus activities
  • And more 

All the information was analyzed for differences between key demographic groups. 

This is our second major survey report on the COVID-19 situation. Last week, we released a report on prospective students and how their needs have shifted while commitment dates readily approach. Stay tuned as we continue to provide as much information as we can during this uncertain time.

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