2017 Carnegie Conference Schedule

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

5:00—6:00 pm
Pre-conference social co-sponsored by #EMChat
Location: Yacht Club Marina (weather permitting)

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

8:00—8:45 am
8:45—9:15 am
Welcome: Joe Moore, Carnegie Communications
9:15—10:00 am
Opening Keynote

Kindra Hall: The Irresistible Power of Strategic Storytelling

The shift from a transactional economy to a connected one has people scrambling; when surveyed, companies admit they believe a substantial portion of their revenue is under threat as a result. Businesses, brands, sales forces, marketing teams and leaders at all levels are desperately trying to capture attention and resonate with consumers who expect more. Is there a secret weapon? A silver bullet to humanize and connect? Yes. The answer is strategic storytelling. Using Kindra’s blueprint for effective storytelling, attendees leave empowered and equipped to close more sales, build better relationships, or blow up their brands by leveraging the irresistible power of their stories.

10:00—10:45 am

Erin Gargan: The Social Student Journey: Using Social Media to Best Support Your Enrollment Funnel

Here's the challenge: You have limited time, and limited resources. You have big missions to accomplish with your prospective and current students. Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms have taken over- with your typical college student spending 5.4 hours a day on social media! So how can you harness the power of social media without wasting precious time and money? How can you finally get a handle on this social media thing? Your frustration ends with Erin's presentation as she shares best practices, tools and tactics to empower your team with a new social media prowess that delivers results.

10:45—11:00 am
11:00—11:30 am

Erin Sagin: The Digital Marketing Trends that Matter

The world of digital marketing evolves so rapidly that it’s challenging for marketers to keep up. Staying on top of these changes is overwhelming, but ignoring them can have even worse implications for your business. In this session, Erin will help you to tune out the noise and understand which changes trends truly matter to higher ed marketers. Even better, she’ll offer a series of actionable tactics to help you make the most of them!
She’ll cover:

  • How to create ad copy that will truly resonate with your target audience, yielding sky-high click-through and conversion rates
  • How to dominate the ever-growing mobile marketplace (without depleting your budget in the process)
  • How to convert low-to-mid funnel leads using tactics like RLSA, Customer Match, and GDN remarketing
11:30—12:15 pm

Alex Lukashov: Optimizing Past the Form Fill: Driving Excited, Qualified Student Enrollment

The session will focus on how to set up the perfect EDU digital marketing stack, tracking your ads, tools available to marketers, and full-funnel optimization techniques.

12:15—1:45 pm
1:45—2:30 pm
Undergraduate Track & Graduate Track
Focusing discussions on the student prospect audience that are most important to you, these separate sessions will take a deep dive into what to focus on for best results.

Undergraduate Track

Trent Gilbert, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Communications, Monmouth College:

M-I-C (See you real soon, Millennials) K-E-Y (Why? Because we like the Homeland now) M-O-U-S-E

The last cohort of the Millennial generation has passed through admission offices. See you real soon! What is next?

Welcome to the Homeland Generation! We will explore what we know about the next generation of students and discuss ways to create marketing efforts that resonates with this generation. Mouse ears not needed.

Graduate Track

Marcus Hanscom, Director of Graduate Admission, Roger Williams University:

Breaking outside the box: Reaching graduate students where they are

With the wealth of technology available to reach graduate students, it’s easy to throw money into the latest fad and ditch “traditional” marketing. While that tactic may work for a subset of students, it disregards that graduate students encompass a variety of demographics with a wealth of varying needs and expectations. Join this session to broaden the discussion on customizing your marketing efforts, leveraging the tools that work for your audiences, and effectively utilizing and measuring your resources.

2:30—3:15 pm
Paid Search Track & List Based Marketing Track
Digital advertising and the options continue to grow. Both of these sessions takes a close look at some of the most impactful strategies available to recruitment marketing.

Paid Search Track

Vinny Sciplini, Vice President for Digital Operations and Strategy, Carnegie Communications:
With over 40,000 Google search queries every second, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re there! This past year Google AdWords launched several new enhancements including better targeting and look-alike audiences searches, but with it brought questions: Should I create mobile only campaigns? Do I need to run old text ads with new ads? How can these changes actually help me? We’ll cover all this, and more, during the session!

List-Based Marketing Track

Melissa Rekos, EVP, Digital Services, Carnegie Communications:
In our world we often find ourselves focusing recruitment efforts on list after list: inquiry lists, search lists, applicant lists, or accepted student lists. Maybe it’s even a list of locations such as businesses or community colleges. So how do we market to these prospective students in unique ways? Digital marketing has given us the technology to reach them across multiple channels and customize how we speak to them. In this session we will catch up on the latest ways to leverage technology to tailor what we say and ensure that it is timely and relevant to the right audience.

3:15—3:30 pm
The Famous Carnegie Conference Hot Pretzel Snack Break
3:30—4:15 pm
Google Track & SEO Track
These two hot topics continue to be top of mind for many marketers. Pick your favorite and get ready to take notes!

Google Track

Liz Ruggi, Account Strategist, Google:
In this session we'll explore the growing importance of utilizing rich data signals to reach, identify, and understand your most valuable decision makers: students and parents. With today’s shift in media consumption and consumer behavior, particularly within the higher education vertical, the traditional approach to audience targeting is not enough to stay ahead of your competition. This session will go beyond demographic targeting and keyword strategies and will dive into the future of audience targeting with Google. We'll cover how to be present for students and parents throughout their decision-making journey across Search, YouTube, and the Google Display network.

SEO Track

Grant Geske, Director of SEO and Digital Analytics, Carnegie Communications:
Your website is the most important marketing tool you have in recruiting prospective students—and not just because it has a trickledown effect on every other marketing effort you do. In fact, your website has become even more critical recently because of changes Google has implemented that further emphasize the user experience. This conference presentation will show you why you need to focus your internal SEO efforts in response to these changes and the five website areas you can—and should—optimize today.

6:15 pm
Meet at Yacht Club Convention Center at 6:15. Buses will transfer us backstage to dinner at the American Adventure and Dessert Party in Italy at Epcot. Wear your lanyard!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

8:30—9:15 am
9:00—9:45 am

Wil Reynolds: People First vs Google First Search Strategies

Wil will describe how studying why people take action has lead him to abandon following Google Updates, Domain Authority, CTR curves, and got him back to something that hasn't changed a lot in hundreds of years. How to communicate in ways that build trust. And how this can be applied to the SERP. He'll share philosophy, case studies, and some tips on how you as well can start adopting a people first approach to optimization on Google.

9:45—10:30 am

Brian Massey: Everyday Behavioral Science: Higher Ed Edition

The days of "Launch and See" campaigns are behind us. When behavioral data was expensive and time-consuming, this approach was justified. Launch the new website! Send the new email! Release the ads! Today, you can answer almost any question you have about a campaign or design right from your desk, before you launch.

Brian Massey will show you how to integrate behavioral science into your digital design and development with specific tools and techniques. These are the proven strategies that have made Conversion Sciences successful as an optimization agency, but you don't have to be a scientist to use them.

10:30—10:45 am
10:45—11:30 am

Annie Cushing: How to Find Conversion Treasures in Google Analytics

It's easy to get lost in data in Google Analytics. Annie will show you how to get to the bottom-line data in your analytics reports and some of the more common traps that can cloud that data.

11:30—12:15 pm

Michael Aagaard: You’re Making My Brain Hurt! The Psychology Behind Terrible Conversion Experiences

Remember that time you filled out 27 mandatory form fields (including fax) to get a free quote? Or when you had to fill out all 27 fields again because you didn't check “Terms & Conditions”? What about the time the “Special Offer!” overlay hijacked the screen on your phone so you couldn’t buy anything?

Yep, stuff like this can turn the most mild-mannered prospects into wall-punching maniacs. But why are these experiences so frustrating? What actually happens in our brains? In this session, we’ll examine the psychology behind terrible conversion experiences and identify specific tactics for avoiding them.

During This Session You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamental psychological principles that dictates our behaviour
  • Cognitive biases and mental shortcuts that influence our decisions
  • How to identify critical areas that represent cognitive strain (i.e. things that make your brain hurt)
  • How to mitigate cognitive strain (i.e. ways to make your brain hurt less)
12:15—1:15 pm
1:15—2:00 pm

Liz Gross: Leverage The Power of Social Listening

Social listening is more than responding to Facebook and Twitter posts. Used strategically, it supports four critical functions for admission and recruitment professionals: reputation management, brand benchmarking, customer service, and market research. Liz will define social listening, explore use-cases for higher ed recruitment, and review tools to support a robust social listening program.

2:00—2:45 pm

Scott Ochander: Resolving for Resonance.

In today’s world of enrollment challenges and competitive pressures, a great data management and storytelling platform is the minimum. To get ahead and stay ahead, marketing and enrollment leaders need to resolve their strategy for resonance¬–the opportunity space between “who” their institution is, what their competition is doing, and what the market perceives about them. In this concept and methods presentation–learn the techniques and ideas behind defining and projecting authentic institutional personality, creating opportunities to separate your institution from the competitive herd, and identifying the market perceptions of your institution with prospective students and stakeholders. Unlock the keys to finding your story’s optimal balance and winning combination of personality and position.

*Schedule subject to change and will be regularly updated. Check back often for most up-to-date information.