Google Analytics for Higher Education

Google Analytics is the most powerful free tool in your marketing arsenal. Understand the users on your website and analyze each and every marketing channel that got them there—from PPC and social media to organic and referral traffic—to gain a holistic view of what’s working and what isn’t, using data to drive intelligent marketing decisions. Our team of Google-certified experts help you eliminate the guesswork from your enrollment efforts and derive actionable insights from complex data, all within Google Analytics.

Analytics Assessment

Transforming your marketing begins with a clean view of your data. Our analytics assessment ensures your Google Analytics property is set up correctly with the appropriate views for your goals. Our experts ensure you have a Google Analytics property that is optimized to capture the digital results of every marketing channel, from your paid advertisements to your organic efforts, yielding exceptional data that can reshape your marketing strategies in powerful ways.

Analytics Consulting

Go deeper and pursue the insights hidden in your Google Analytics data. As Google Analytics consultants, we are your partners and your guides, reinforcing your ability to interpret data and make precise, educated, insightful marketing decisions based not on a gut check but on hard facts. From setting goals and tracking events to monitoring the performance of your media spend across platforms and drawing actionable insights from the myriad of data available within Google Analytics, our experts serve as an extension of your team, leveraging their deep understanding of the platform to empower your marketing efforts.

Google Data Studio Dashboards

Our Google Data Studio Dashboards provide a snapshot of your marketing data, illuminating key metrics and displaying ROI at a glance—reimagining the way results are reported to key stakeholders. Intuitively visualizing data on a human level, our dashboards make success clear and crystallize opportunities for improvement.

The basic analytics dashboard offers a holistic overview of your marketing efforts, but we’re not content to stop there. Entirely customizable, our advanced dashboards go beyond the expected, inspiring action that furthers your marketing efforts and enrollment goals.

Workshops and Trainings

We enable your team to analyze your own data. Our goal is your complete comfort in this leading analytics platform. We focus our analytics trainings on the specific skill set required for your marketing team and stakeholders to utilize Google Analytics. Our experts come to your campus for a half-day comprehensive, hands-on workshop with a single purpose: to develop your skills in the platform so you learn to trust the data and are able to pull exceptional insights about each and every marketing channel.

Insightful Analytics for Higher Education

Reimagine the way you make marketing decisions. Carnegie Dartlet’s Google Analytics services instill confidence in your data, allowing you to eliminate the guesswork from your strategies and rely on facts, not instinct. Let’s inject precision into your marketing. Bring us onto your team today.