Digital Display Ads for Higher Education

Digital Display advertising is a fundamental branding and awareness strategy that keeps your college or university’s brand name at the forefront of your prospective students’ minds throughout the enrollment process. Carnegie Dartlet fuses decades of higher education experience with the creativity required to break through the digital noise—employing cutting-edge strategies for measurably effective Display campaigns.

Digital Display Outreach

Put your brand name in front of new eyes consistently. Display outreach campaigns broadcast your message according to your goals, targeting students, parents, and stakeholders with the potential to connect with your message. Leveraging targeting strategies like specific placements and behavioral characteristics, we maintain your presence across the digital space. Outreach campaigns have the unmatched ability to extend your reach, build awareness of your brand, and drive search.

IP Targeting

By matching an individual’s mailing address to their home IP address, IP Targeting lets you strategically deliver relevant messages to anyone in that residence—including parents and other influencers—on every device they’re using. Using any relevant mailing list, from purchased names and inquiries to applicants or accepted students, IP Targeting allows for powerful brand awareness campaigns that grow your audience and increase opportunities to form new connections with prospective students and their parents.


Our Retargeting services consistently place your school’s brand in front of prospective students after their first visit to key pages of your website. When done right, Retargeting helps drive conversions throughout the enrollment journey, nurturing a relationship of familiarity between you and your prospective students.

Audience Select

A proprietary service offered nowhere else, Audience Select brings unmatched accuracy to your outreach campaigns through precise targeting capabilities. Carnegie Dartlet leverages data from our CollegeXpress Platform aggregated to mirror national undergraduate admission standards. With Audience Select, you have the power to target students based on advanced demographics like academic levels of achievement, household income, ethnicity, and more. Audience Select allows you to reach and recruit your undergraduate prospects with precision.

Mobile Footprints

With prospective students on their phones over 150 times a day, effective marketing requires advanced mobile strategies to stay relevant and cut through the noise. With Carnegie Dartlet’s Mobile Footprints technology, you can single out specific locations to geofence such as feeder high schools, community colleges, or relevant businesses and send targeted advertisements to your audience whenever they are within that boundary. From there, we continue messaging their mobile device and other devices at home, extending the reach of your message from prospective students to their parents and other outside influencers.

Stay in Front of Prospective Students With Digital Display Advertising

Digital Display campaigns possess the unrivaled ability to extend the reach of your message and grow awareness of your institution throughout the digital space. Stay ever-present and top-of-mind with a consistent digital Display presence that reaches out directly to your prospects from the first day of their enrollment journey to the last.

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