Streaming Media Advertising for Higher Education

Traditional TV and radio are fading and being replaced by streaming services such as Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora. Carnegie Dartlet understands the inherent power of audio and video media as they fit into the higher education landscape. We bring a comprehensive understanding of streaming media to every campaign, crafting strategies comprised of cutting-edge tactics that speak directly to your prospects and drive engagement, weaving your brand’s message into their daily content, driving recognition, and igniting authentic conversations.


The unquestioned leader in the digital video space and the second-largest search engine on the web, YouTube has disrupted the way we watch content since the day it launched. This powerful tool allows for highly specific targeting and unmatched reach across campaigns. With the ability to run pre-roll, discovery ads, in-stream, and out-stream, your message reaches your audience throughout their digital video experience, building brand awareness and driving action. Drawing on our wealth of higher education experience, we harness the incredible power of YouTube to build an audience of eager prospective students drawn to your authentic story.


Spotify is the premier music and audio streaming service in the digital realm. The power of Spotify is in the engaged, identified audiences that live on the platform every day. Using advanced targeting strategies designed to spur engagement, we fuse your message into users’ playlists and podcasts, seamlessly blending your message into their content flow to cultivate a high level of brand awareness. With Spotify’s included ad creation service, your ad copy is transformed into a sleek audio message and served to prospective students across undergraduate and graduate programs.


Grow the size of your applicant pool and build authority with your audience using the high-level strategies available through Pandora. A pioneer in the digital streaming space, Pandora retains its reputation as a quality music service, attracting millions of listeners each month from around the globe. With a free ad creation service, you provide the copy and they produce the audio. Then we blend your message into the Pandora experience, reaching out to prospective students and their parents with targeted, curated messaging designed specifically to spark their curiosity.


As one of the leading content streaming services in the digital landscape, Hulu offers an exceptional opportunity to reach your audience as they consume content. Using highly specific and sought-after tactics like no-skip ads and direct targeting of parents, we make sure your message resonates—developing deep confidence in the power of your brand. Through holistic campaigns that go far beyond best practices, you gain a strong position in the market and grow a loyal audience attracted to your authentic identity.

OTT and Connected TV Advertising

Push the boundaries of the streaming landscape and overturn your traditional approach to marketing with Over The Top (OTT) and Connected TV. These groundbreaking services open the door to a new realm of digital advertising with cross-platform streaming video content. Display video advertisements across streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Sling, running non-skippable ads in pre-roll and mid-roll for unparalleled exposure. Gain precise insight into your KPIs in the infinitely measurable digital data landscape, paving the way for hyper-targeted optimizations. This innovative new strategy is replacing traditional TV spend with a powerful ability to project your message across digital streaming platforms and speak directly to your audience.

Streaming Advertising for Colleges and Universities

Streaming services have overtaken traditional TV and radio. We leverage these newly available tactics and hyper-targeting strategies to completely makeover your traditional media spends—transforming them into data-driven, streamlined campaigns that are easy to measure, incredibly adaptable, and crafted to drive conversions and spark curiosity with your target audiences. Reimagine your video and audio advertising with Carnegie Dartlet.