Enrollment Strategy

Vying for attention and engagement in higher education is a hyper-competitive proposition. Today’s students no longer adhere to a predictable, linear progression of conversions; students are savvier than ever and each day have more information at their fingertips. We help build affinity through targeted interactions and integrated enrollment and marketing strategies. When we integrate our approach we can collect more intelligent data and leverage that data to personalize the student experience. 

We partner with institutions to set and achieve enrollment goals that are built on student-centric, data-driven, market-mindful tactics - an ecosystem approach. We help institutions understand their unique position in key markets, discover program viability, enhance reputation perception, search available students, discover new market potential, maximize your CRM, and identify the unique motivations through the creation of dynamic student segments. 

Carnegie’s enrollment services help you integrate and optimize your enrollment and marketing ecosystem. Whether you have a need to identify or enhance ports of entry, measure source attribution, or construct and fulfill a dynamic communications flow, we deliver measurable results throughout the student journey. 

Audience Segmentation + Personas

Carnegie offers the most sophisticated audience segmentation system, marrying prospective student data with psychographic data to personalize your enrollment and marketing efforts. Our audience segmentation services are critical enhancements for student and market-centered communication segmentation, enrollment strategy, digital targeting, Student Search, and much more.

Our suite of segmentation services include:

  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Audience Personas: Psychographic Darts
  • Carnegie Motivator

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Strategic Consultation

Strategic integration between enrollment and marketing requires a thoughtful and sophisticated approach. Carnegie’s strategic consultation works toward holistic ecosystem strategies that consider how to effectively position your institution competitively.

At the intersection of data driven strategies and important innovations is our ability to identify a timely progression for implementation. From market position and optimal goal setting to modeling, we take a deep dive to help you discover what’s possible. 

  • Enrollment Consultation 
  • Financial Aid and Predictive Modeling (in partnership with HAI)
  • Strategic Enrollment Planning 
  • Slate Consultation
  • Go-to Market Strategies 

Enrollment Communications

Attention is the commodity. Your enrollment communications need to break through the noise. At Carnegie, we specialize in creating marketing and communication that drive human connection. It all starts with assessing where you’ve been and identifying where to go next. As an extension of your team, we’ll draft blueprints for effective comm-flows, design multichannel communications that connect, and refine your operations by integrating with your CRM. We’ll arm you with a communications strategy that’s prepared for every port of entry and fully optimized for enrollment success. 

Our suite of enrollment communications services include:

Enrollment Audits

Are you ready to optimize for the higher education ecosystem of 2021 and beyond? Carnegie is here to help you analyze your operations from staffing to Student Search and plan for a student-centric and market-mindful Enrollment Management office. 

Our suite of enrollment audits and strategic planning services include:

Carnegie is Here to Help You Reach Your Enrollment Goals

Bypass the vanity metrics and optimize the ecosystem. The landscape has changed, and we’re ready to help you adapt and build a student-centric, data-driven, market-mindful strategy that integrates your enrollment and marketing efforts and drives results.