Audience Segmentation for Higher Education

Carnegie’s audience segmentation recognizes that people enjoy and respond to communication that appeals to their personality. By combining prospective student, demographic, and psychographic (beliefs, attitudes, and personalities) data, we provide audience segmentation that ensures your enrollment and marketing efforts stand apart from the competition and capture students’ attention.

Psychographic Darts

Utilizing Carnegie Dartlet’s proprietary database of 250 million people, we deliver custom data modeling, analysis, and clustering of your specific enrollment data across 750 demographic variables, looking for significant audience groups and unpacking the variables that tie those students together. Psychographic Darts are delivered through a combination of in-person qualitative research and enrollment data tags, through which we find correlations between demographics and psychographics to definitively reveal who is matriculating, from where, why, and what these students need to hear to increase conversion. By understanding your buyers on a psychographic level, we can build remarkably informative persona profiles that can guide your marketing and enrollment strategy to new heights. 

Carnegie Motivator

For colleges and universities that are interested in segmented, personality-driven communications but aren’t ready or able to implement Psychographic Darts, Carnegie offers Motivator, a simple yet elegant starter solution. The Carnegie Motivator is the result of years of research on the Carnegie Archetype system, identification of natural archetype groupings, and the desire to make personality-driven communications more accessible to our partners. The Carnegie Motivator system is built on three Motivator profiles. During a monthly tagging process, each student record is assigned a single Motivator by which personalized communications can be developed and deeper connections can be made. This simple outcome is primed for communication segmentation, enrollment strategy, digital targeting, Slate integration, and much more.

Demographic Segmentation

Carnegie can analyze your current and historical enrollment data to create custom demographic clusters perfect for digital targeting, basic segmentations, and year-over-year tracking. Clusters can be used to explore look-alike prospects in other markets and are often partnered with our cutting-edge personality segmentation offerings: Psychographic Darts or Carnegie Motivator.

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