Innovative Brand Personality Research

We show you how your authentic brand platform—rooted in our foundational personality science and correlated with data—best aligns with prospective audiences. Our groundbreaking psychographic research models uncover the true perception of your brand in the market and translate it into authentic messaging that resonates.

Our Research Method

Our unique approach to brand research begins by building an unparalleled understanding of your brand’s psychology and its complexities. We conduct initial one-on-one interviews with executives to gain high-level insights from varying perspectives. Access to website analytics right from the beginning allows us to begin tracking a number of metrics that will provide critical insights down the road.

Following this process, we facilitate a proprietary series of personality and messaging workshops, reaching hundreds of people across your community.        

Next, we deploy custom online workshops to extend the characterization of personality into the far reaches of your organization’s ecosystem. This attracts additional voices—such as alumni, community members, or customers—to involve rarely heard audience segments.

Our perception studies seek to answer the question: Are your internal stakeholders of the same mind as your external audiences? We conduct focused quantitative consumer research to determine what the unbiased general market believes about your brand. Only once you understand your perception can you begin to shape it.

Finally, a series of competitive audits, collateral audits, and systems audits facilitate brand tracking and give us the bigger picture of the setting in which your brand lives. When all this research is combined, powerful changes start to happen.

Unprecedented, Game-Changing Research to Transform Your Brand

Tired of wading through the haze of everyday messaging? Want to see your brand clearly for what it is and begin to craft a message that speaks with your authentic voice? We’re ready to delve into the truth of your brand. Reach out to us today to experience our transformative research for yourself.

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