Innovative Brand Personality Research

Our proprietary brand personality research builds consensus among diverse stakeholders and equips you with objective data. Know how your brand is truly viewed in the marketplace and understand the personality of your organization from the inside out.

This highly potent mixed-methods approach reveals competitive positioning opportunities anchored in your brand's authentic self. Rooted in science. Completely customized. Keeping you at the forefront of innovation.

Awareness + Perception

Generating human connections with your audience begins with determining, first, if they are aware of you and, if so, what they believe about you. Through quantitative perception studies and qualitative interviews, we conduct focused consumer research utilizing high-impact and targeted opt-in methodologies to determine your perception in the unbiased general market.   Learn More >

Competitive Analysis

Our seasoned strategists deeply explore your positioning against your direct competitors—those with whom you most highly compete for your audience’s attention. Our team of researchers and strategists deliver in-depth insights on brand expression and quality rankings relative to your competitors, allowing you to clearly see where your institution has opportunities to position yourself authentically and get out of the “herd” intelligently.   Learn More >

Product Viability

Before you launch a new product, academic program, or service line, ensure it has the capacity to succeed. Extensive quantitative assessments using secondary data analysis and stakeholder and influencer surveys allow us to determine the viability of potential new products and programs. We contrast data by key markets and compare viability scores based on actual outcome volume, prospective and current customer interest, brand alignment, and relevant competition to crystallize your understanding of the feasibility of your new product or program.

Market Analysis

Market expansion requires more than a gut feeling. We take the guesswork out of finding more of the customers you want and, more importantly, what messages will resonate with them. Our DMA-by-DMA analysis elevates opportunity markets and carries out studies utilizing high-impact and targeted techniques to measure awareness, reputation, competition, and, ultimately, market potential.   Learn More >

Custom Research Design

The most useful research doesn’t just describe what is true today—it harnesses the power of statistical insights to make predictions for strategic action. We offer custom research solutions tailored specifically to your goals and objectives, from a project’s start to its concluding insights and recommendations.

After a fact-finding discovery and refinement of your research goals, we’ll recommend the proper methodology. Our capabilities are wide, but we specialize in qualitative (focus groups, interviews, workshops) and quantitative (surveys, experimental design, content analysis) approaches, with the goal of having mixed-methods strength in analysis. We facilitate the collection of data before cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing results to answer the questions your organization has posed about an audience, product, message, or advertisement.   Learn More >

Intelligent, Multifaceted Research to Lead Your Brand Strategy

Connecting with your audience in a meaningful way first requires that you understand your brand’s personality. Carnegie Dartlet’s transformative research methods reveal who you are and how you can move the needle. We’re ready to delve into the truth of your brand. Reach out to us today to experience our research solutions for yourself. Let’s get started.