Awareness and Perception Studies for Higher Education

Generating human connections with your audience begins by determining what they believe about you. Our awareness and perception studies uncover how the unbiased external market views your college or university. This data drives potent strategic marketing decisions that can significantly alter or reinforce your position in the market.

Gain a crystal-clear understanding of how your institution is viewed across audiences and geographies and utilize the results of this research to craft agile marketing strategies that are intelligently designed to broadcast the most authentic and compelling aspects of your brand’s personality in the market.

Our Research Methods

Built upon a foundational understanding that every institution is unique, we established research methods that are flexible and effective, taking a multi-pronged approach to gain a holistic picture of how your organization is perceived in the market by those who are aware of you but not biased toward or against you.

We conduct consumer-focused perception research through both quantitative studies and qualitative interviews. When you need to hear from a specific audience, we have the capability to target by demographics such as age, education, occupation, and more. Through smart targeting and goal-driven method selection, you are equipped to gain specific insights that are relevant and impactful.

We primarily stratify respondents by Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs) or regional zones for targeted market-by-market strategy. The root of all our research is our signature personality science, so you understand which facets of your personality to project in any given market. With our perception and awareness research, you will understand not only where you have weaknesses and opportunities but also exactly which types of messaging will prove most effective in a given market—so you can stand out from the crowd intelligently.

Change Perception With Targeted Strategy

When it comes to reshaping your perceived identity, we never work blindly. Instead, we filter the results of our awareness and perception studies through our proprietary personality science, identifying which aspects of your institution’s personality the market already understands and which are missing. Don’t just seek increased awareness of your brand—pursue awareness that is specific and authentic.

Our research identifies these opportunities, and our strategists help you shape your approach.

Market Awareness and Perception Research Designed for Action

Establish the foundation on which your brand’s reputation is built through next-level research. Our methods dive deep into awareness and perception of your higher education institution across DMAs, giving you a holistic understanding of where you are succeeding and where you may be misperceived.

A Digital-First Variant

In addition to institutional awareness and perception studies, Carnegie Dartlet also offers a variant of the research focused purely on targeted digital audiences. Our Digital Perception Study uses search trends and keyword analysis, along with our survey platform, to understand the audiences you’re trying to reach on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Armed with the same strategic depth, this variant to perception research is perfect for institutions working with Carnegie Dartlet’s expert Digital team.