Competitive Analysis

Carnegie Dartlet provides competitive analyses for college and university marketing strategy, methodically reviewing the positioning of your cross-application competitors in the market and comparing those to your own brand story. After evaluating your marketing presence through the eyes of a prospective student, we offer powerful insights that can reshape your campaigns and evolve your position in the market—illuminating where you blend in and how you stand out.

As always, your competitive audit is aligned with our proprietary personality science. Through this unique lens, we uncover what stories are already being told and what story you can tell to rise above the noise. Storytelling within these areas of opportunity allows you to spark a human connection with the students most likely to be successful at your institution.

Our Research Methods

Find out whether your competitors are trying to tell the same story you are telling. From websites and social media presence to print and video campaigns, we review the storytelling platforms that most frequently come into contact with prospective students.

We take content analysis to a higher level, using a multiple-platform approach that reveals channel-specific trends and traps while demonstrating how to avoid shallow storytelling. Summary positioning maps clearly indicate where your institution exists in the market in relation to your competitors, identifying otherwise unforeseen opportunities for your brand.

Stand Out From the Crowd

With our wholly original approach to competitive analysis, our team of researchers and higher education insiders deliver in-depth insights on quality rankings relative to your competitors, allowing you to clearly see where your institution has opportunities to position itself authentically and get out of the herd intelligently.

We help you understand the competition so you can outperform them.