Custom Market Research Design for Higher Education

Carnegie Dartlet offers agile research methods custom-fit to specific scenarios. With a broad arsenal of research tools at our fingertips, we design transformative research studies to meet the strategic needs of colleges and universities as they navigate the ever-evolving marketing industry.

The strength of our research is derived from a mix of descriptive and predictive approaches. Where most market research stops with simple percentages or averages, we use the data to model phenomena and identify key variables of influence on systems of communication. Based on your current stakeholders, we can predict which strategies are most effective and where they can be successful.

Our research methods adapt to your institution’s particular challenges to produce insightful analyses and craft predictive models that can transform the future of your marketing strategy.

Our Research Methods

We believe in a mixed-methods approach to research. By viewing a question from many angles, hidden truths emerge to give context to strategic decision-making. Our research methods include panel surveys, focus groups, interactive workshops, interviews, online experiments, content analysis, psychometrics, ad testing, visual hotspot analysis, and more.

But being on the cutting edge isn’t all about having the most impressive toolbelt. Our ability to take that data and create groundbreaking strategy will give you an edge today and years into the future. We won’t just drop data on your desk and call it a day. Everything we do comes with accessible strategic assistance.

Break into new markets with clarity. Learn more about your audiences, test your newest campaigns, or uncover gaps in your communications strategy and forge strategic decisions based on data-driven analysis, not guesswork. Our custom research design is built from scratch to address your specific needs and answer any strategic marketing question.

When to Reach for Custom Market Research

Custom market research is a powerful tool in the strategic planning process, empowering leaders to make data-driven decisions and create a marketing strategy that successfully steers an institution through the mires and challenges of the future.

More minute questions can also find clarity through custom research structures. Specific problems targeting a distinct audience can be explored through our predictive modeling. What communication and recognition do donors appreciate? How much are alumni willing to spend to come to a homecoming game? What do your students do in their free time that could lead them to your advertising? Start with a question and Carnegie Dartlet will lead you to answers.

Data-Driven Strategic Thinking With Custom Research

Don’t make decisions blindly—guide every strategic decision with data-driven research and predictive analysis. Our experts bring context to the numbers, allowing you to see through the fog of misinformation and cut straight to the solid facts of an issue—producing analyses that enable you to innovate the future and lead your college or university to succeed.