New Market Opportunity Analysis for Higher Education

Carnegie Dartlet’s new market analysis reveals your institution’s potential reach in new regions so you can direct your energy to the spaces with the most promising outlook for your authentic message. It solves the question, “Where do we expand from here?” Reaching new markets requires a depth of insight layered with strategic planning. Too often colleges and universities waste their efforts pushing into the wrong markets and miss opportunities to grow in areas primed for their stories. Do not enter new markets blindly.

Using a multi-layered approach to market opportunity research, we find the markets with the most untapped potential and those that are less of a fit for your story. We match the results of our analysis to our personality platform so you understand exactly which message to broadcast to have the biggest impact on each new market. The results of our research are as individualized as your institution to create opportunities for pronounced impact.

Our Methods

The research begins on the ground floor—we look at the potential of each market based on demographics like population density, income, and diversity. Then in subsequent rounds of precise market-by-market analysis, we uncover the potential of demand (or lack thereof) for your institution’s unique offerings and personality.

Our predictive approach takes information nationwide and compares each market to the norm to show what is truly standing out. From pricing elasticity to travel readiness to simple needs matching, our measures of viability shape a portrait of the audiences in each region that can help not only with making the choice of where to go next but also how to tackle each market individually.

Market Opportunity Analysis for Higher Education Strategy

The true value of our market viability research comes from the strength of the strategic decisions it can guide for colleges and universities of all sizes. Armed with the knowledge of markets with the most potential for growth, you have the ability to develop strategies that can reshape your enrollment cycle in unprecedented ways. Align these decisions with our proprietary personality solutions and you have the ability to target specific geographies—even specific segments of your audience—with the stories that are data-proven to have the greatest potential for impact.