Recruit Diverse Students With CollegeXpress America

An increasing number of American students are turning their sights overseas when considering their college education. Help your institution break into this high-growth American market with Carnegie Dartlet’s latest lead generation platform: CollegeXpress America. Designed specifically to help universities around the globe recruit American college-bound students, CollegeXpress America grows your visibility in the United States and generates high-quality leads genuinely interested in earning their degree abroad.

How Our Lead Generation Platform Works

When your institution joins the CollegeXpress America platform, we build a custom profile for your university on CollegeXpress, one of the most powerful lead generation tools in higher education with name recognition across the United States. With your featured online profile, hundreds of thousands of students then have the opportunity to indicate their interest in your institution by interacting with your profile and from regular email outreach—ensuring every lead you receive from CollegeXpress knows your school name and actively wants to hear from you.

This platform has the unmatched power to build brand recognition across the United States and in key geographic markets while simultaneously generating the highest-quality leads in the industry.

Nurture Student Leads With Custom Response Service

A quick response to a new lead is essential for effective recruitment, yet so often this important first communication is neglected and the lead is lost. Nurture your American student leads the moment they arrive with our Custom Response Service (CRS.) CRS delivers an automated message as soon as a student indicates their interest in your institution on CollegeXpress. These messages appear to come from your admission department and can be customized to send personalized messages to different audience segments. CRS emails have remarkable open and click-through rates with a proven increase in student lead retention.

CollegeXpress America for Effective Student Recruitment

Break into the American market and start generating leads and forming authentic connections with students through CollegeXpress America. We work with your team to build your presence on the platform and optimize your brand visibility year-round. With a reach of three million college-bound students across the United States, CollegeXpress is the premier lead generation platform in higher education. Join the platform and move the needle on your enrollment goals.