Lead Generation for Graduate Recruitment

Carnegie Dartlet’s lead generation platform for graduate enrollment—Graduate Colleges & Universities (GC&U)—leverages a multichannel system of outreach services to drive powerful brand awareness and keep your institution top-of-mind for key graduate audiences. Developed in partnership with NAGAP, this platform is intentionally designed to boost your brand visibility and grow awareness within that elusive graduate student audience.

How the GC&U Platform Works

The GC&U platform combines the legacy of excellence offered through our traditional print magazine and CollegeXpress, the leading online lead generation platform for colleges and universities. Your participation in the GC&U platform secures a highlighted profile in the graduate section of CollegeXpress.com as well as a full profile in our printed Graduate Colleges & Universities magazine.

The magazine is then distributed to career counseling offices at four-year colleges and universities across the nation—exponentially expanding the reach and awareness of your brand’s message. With your online presence established and magazines filling campus admission offices across the country, we then broadcast your message through intelligent and time-tested email outreach to graduate-level prospective audiences that have driven record responses year-over-year.

The end result is clear: solid growth of brand awareness across the United States and a presence in front of prospective graduate students just beginning their grad school search. Your institution remains top-of-mind for students throughout their grad school journey, and prospects can easily indicate their interest in your school—generating more graduate leads for you.

Keep Prospects Engaged

Keeping those prospects engaged is key to any effective enrollment strategy. Continue the conversation with your graduate leads from the moment they indicate interest with our Custom Response Service (CRS).

With CRS, we send a first-response email to prospective graduate students within 24 hours after they first request information about your institution. These emails appear to come from your admission department and can be personalized to send different messages to different audience segments. With impressive open rates, CRS yields a measurably higher engagement of leads from the GC&U platform—providing that crucial first point of contact immediately after a prospect first becomes a lead.

Spur Graduate Enrollment With GC&U

Graduate students are notoriously difficult to capture. Find them at the very start of their enrollment journey with the visibility offered through GC&U. Layering GC&U onto your graduate recruitment strategies can measurably increase the leads in your enrollment funnel year-over-year.