Attract and Recruit Transfer Students With CollegeXpress

Position your institution in front of those hard-to-find transfer students throughout their decision-making process with the transfer student lead generation platform offered by Carnegie Dartlet. These students seek an institution that will be welcoming and transfer friendly. Share your message directly with them and remain top-of-mind as they consider their options through the visibility offered with our transfer student lead generation platform.

The combination of our transfer-specific magazine and CollegeXpress Platform generate sincere interest in your institution from students considering a college transfer. What’s more, this platform grows vital brand visibility in your primary markets that is critical for a long-lasting enrollment strategy.

How It Works

Your participation in the transfer platform grants your institution a highlighted profile on CollegeXpress with a dedicated weekly newsletter delivered to potential transfer students—intelligently increasing your brand visibility through consistent, year-round, non-intrusive messaging.

You also gain a prime spot in our renowned Transfer Colleges & Universities magazine, delivered to two-year and community colleges across the nation. The brand awareness offered through TC&U and our direct email outreach maintain your position with potential transfer students, increasing the likelihood your institution makes their shortlist.

The overall impact of engagement in the transfer platform? Measurably increased brand visibility with elusive transfer audiences. Maintain consistent brand awareness through our email communications and inbound content marketing tactics, and increase the volume of leads in your transfer student funnel throughout the year.

Efficiently Retain Leads With Custom Response Service

Keep your institution at the top of this transfer student set with an immediate response to their interest. With our Custom Response Service (CRS), we send a personalized reply to each student on your behalf within 24 hours after they express interest in your institution. These emails appear to originate from your admission office and can be customized to deliver different messages to different segments.

Reimagine Your Transfer Student Recruiting With Carnegie Dartlet

Increase your visibility and brand awareness throughout the year in front of elusive transfer student audiences. Grow the volume of transfer student leads in your enrollment funnel through outreach efforts and a dedicated priority CollegeXpress profile. Combine our transfer lead generation services with dedicated transfer digital campaigns for greater enrollment impact. As your partner, we work with you to help optimize your institution’s performance on CollegeXpress and in our print magazines so you can achieve your enrollment goals with ease.