Brand Reputation Strategy

In today’s competitive environment, an intelligent approach to brand strategy is mandatory. Carnegie Dartlet’s original psychometric model and reputation strategy capabilities bring solutions that work for you.

Understanding your organization’s psychology and personality is fundamental to marketing success. The same goes for your audience. Only once you know the psychographics of your organization—and your consumers—can you make intelligent and meaningful connections. Anything else is a hope and a prayer.

We originated leading methodologies in psychometric marketing.

Our Methodology

Armed with reams of rich data and insights from workshops, online tools, surveys, and interviews, our team moves into analysis. At Carnegie Dartlet, these are the moments we live for. We let the data guide the way.

An assessment of traits and faults; current-, ideal-, and never-day archetypes; dichotomies; modes of attraction; opportunity mapping; and internal and external perceptions contribute to the determination of a master strategy in a compelling and authentic way for an exponential and multigenerational effect.

Next, we bring to bear our unmatched storytelling tool—the fusion between the personality and platform strategy. Multiple archetypal storylines provide the big-picture narrative for your institution, all of which are supported by stakeholder-developed language and evidence points.

We don’t deliver a contrived platform on which you’ll have enough fodder for a single marketing campaign. Rather, your community’s own words are transcribed and refined. Not only is your manifesto credible and reliable, it’s also wholly original.

This playbook will serve as the basis for years of campaigns, staff communications, and beyond, creating sustained reputation performance. The playbook is complemented by trainings; we’ll work with your staff to make sure they understand the messaging and techniques required to apply these messages to their work.

We don’t just give you the handbook—we empower you with the tools to use it.

One-of-a-Kind Brand Reputation Management and Strategy

Ready to create messaging that speaks to your unique brand strategy? Let’s work together to cultivate your perfect story.

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