Brand Reputation Strategy

In today’s competitive environment, an intelligent approach to brand strategy is mandatory. Carnegie Dartlet’s original psychometric model and reputation strategy capabilities allow us to do more than just create a brand for your organization. Through extensive research, we identify your unique personality and transform the way you communicate with your audience.

Understanding your organization’s psychology and personality is fundamental to marketing success. The same goes for your audience. Only once you know the psychographics of your organization—and your consumers—can you make intelligent and meaningful connections.

We originated leading methodologies in psychometric marketing to create forward-thinking solutions that uncover your unique brand personality.

Organizational Personality

Who are you? Defining your organization’s personality from the inside out is what we do best. Grounded in archetypal theory that we’ve refined and applied to proprietary research and strategy techniques, we conduct stakeholder research across your organization to understand your unique personality. Through a combination of collaborative in-person and online workshops, our personality research extends into the far reaches of your ecosystem to involve a wide range of audience segments. These insights crystallize your narrative long term, ultimately generating a brand voice and message that are as unique as a thumbprint. Learn More >

Communications Audits

A solid strategy is all for naught if the narrative never reaches the intended targets with the appropriate frequency. In our comprehensive series of communications audits, we evaluate your print and digital collateral, assess your current strategies, and analyze the efficacy of your overall marketing and communications functionality. The resulting analyses empower you to make decisive, data-driven changes that energize your overall strategy from the ground up.

Our suite of communications audits include:

  • Marketing Communications Audits
  • Communications-Flow Audits
  • Collateral Audits

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Marketing Strategy

Carnegie Dartlet’s marketing strategy capabilities ensure your narrative is reaching the intended targets with the appropriate frequency. Our strategists investigate infrastructure, empowerment, support, and overall marketing communications functionality. We provide comprehensive reports detailing the political insights and considerations garnered and master summaries and high-level recommendations to consolidate and bridge the gaps. Learn More >

Brand Training

We show your stakeholders how to utilize your strategy in their daily lives to shape their own communications. In a highly customizable training session, diverse members of your community are equipped to harness your storytelling maps, generating the most potent sales tool of all: empowered people from within. Learn More >

Brand Story + Positioning

Armed with reams of rich data and insight from workshops, online tools, surveys, and interviews, our team develops a compelling master strategy for an exponential and multigenerational effect. At the heart of this deliverable is the personality and message platform strategy, which fuse to create an unmatched storytelling tool. This playbook will serve as the basis for marketing campaigns, internal communications, and beyond, creating sustained reputation performance. Learn More >

Brand Reputation Management + Strategy

Carnegie Dartlet’s intelligent, data-driven approach to brand strategy leverages authenticity and reveals market opportunity. The compelling layering of demographic and psychographic variables produces messaging that speaks specifically to your audience using your unique brand voice. Let’s work together to cultivate your master story. Contact us today to rejuvenate your brand’s reputation.