Brand Story and Positioning Strategy for Higher Education

Tell a story that no other college or university is telling, because no other institution can tell it. Successful storytelling demands a deep understanding of your brand’s authentic personality. Without this powerful communications anchor, schools fall back on facts and figures—and lose their unique identities in the process. Don’t allude to your story; tell your story. At the same time, make sure you’re telling a story that reflects who you are and who you’re actively aspiring to be; a story that’s real yet distinct among a crowded market. Our data-driven process for learning your language and positioning your story allows you to do just this.

Reflecting the research and stakeholder voices, our most potent storytelling resource is our messaging platform—a consolidation of themes, ideas, and evidence points that make your brand unique. Know this, however: your story is more than the words you broadcast—it is the images you use, the atmosphere you cultivate on campus, and the emotions your students and alumni feel when they see your school mark. The story platform we provide is an infinitely adaptable mosaic of personality-rooted messaging that harnesses the emotions of your audience and translates them into compelling, authentic human connections.

Competitive Master Positioning

Your brand is multifaceted. You don’t have one personality trait; you have a multitude. And these traits come alongside faults, perceptions, modes of connection, and your institution’s reason for being. Creating impactful brand awareness among any audience requires you to focus your message; attempting to be all things to all people will never result in communications consistency. Carnegie Dartlet’s reputation strategists lead our project teams in narrowing your master position to one that is both authentic and competitively advantageous. It is from this foundation that your storytelling finds efficacy and strength.

A Brand Story As Distinct As You Are

Every brand story we produce is as distinct as the college or university we serve. Grounded in research, we draw input from every voice in your community to forge one evergreen storytelling platform built on consensus and designed for longevity. Rooted in our proprietary archetype science, we capture the humanity of your brand and craft a meaningful, personal, and authentic storytelling platform that resonates with your audience across markets.

The platform is accessible for any stakeholder or stakeholder group and built to last. This boundlessly versatile story can be layered onto a myriad of campaigns, whether print or digital, tailored to attract specific audiences with the emotions that are proven to resonate most. The power of your messaging platform is both in the consistency it provides to your community and the range of compelling, intricate, and diverse stories it guides.

Brand Storytelling and Master Positioning Strategies That Break Through the Noise

In light of a decided shift to a market share industry and an ever-growing competitive set, your positioning strategy must hold up against a number of pressures. Don’t chase what you think your audience wants—understand who you are and what distinction your story has the opportunity to offer. Through facilitating wholly original research frameworks, Carnegie Dartlet reveals your true brand story. Our three-pronged master positioning methodology delivers potency where authenticity and opportunity meet. The messaging platform then provides the road map from which to amplify your storytelling and story expression.

Own your story. Align your marketing efforts to create consistency. Then own your market.