Brand Strategy Training for Colleges and Universities

Your personality solution unveils the archetypal attributes and traits that embody your institution’s story—your human connection. Once we’ve established your authentic personality and master positioning, we train your community to harness your brand voice, instilling confidence and inspiring effective execution. In a hands-on, interactive series of training sessions, your team is empowered and emboldened to tell your story with conviction, both verbally and visually.

Inspiring Workshops That Empower

A partnership with Carnegie Dartlet equips you with the tools you need to forge consistency and command credibility in the market. The power of personality, of archetypal storytelling, is in its focused use in every market, to every audience, to achieve any goal. But we believe the personality solution is only as useful as the people who employ it, so we transfer our expertise to you, fully preparing you for the future.

With your messaging platform delivered and your storylines cemented, we facilitate targeted training sessions designed to impart knowledge and develop expertise. These training engagements are inherently customizable, ready to be adapted to the needs of diverse teams, from admission to advancement, from marketing to athletics. Each role—each discipline—has different communication requirements and challenges. We adjust our training so everyone is fully equipped to activate strategy in their particular situation.

With a personality solution built to last for a decade or more, you need people on your team who can confidently onboard others, instilling the same passion for your personality and brand voice with which we train you. Our training sessions are also designed to train the trainers. Your team will receive training designed to meet this exact need, building up an exceptional level of deep understanding and skill in various mediums and approaches to personality-rooted communication.

Approach Personality Strategy With Confidence

Your success is our primary goal. We empower you with the tools to own your personality, enhance your strategy, and message to the market with confidence. Whether customized per discipline, archetype, or audience persona, our brand message training covers the full spectrum of possibilities, empowering your team to push forward into the future and set your institution well ahead of the pack.