Marketing Strategy

Carnegie Dartlet’s robust industry experience and deep commitment to innovation equip our college and university clients to develop marketing strategies that tell their authentic stories to the right audiences at the optimal frequency. Built on years of strategic experience, our team partners with institutions to develop full-scale marketing plans intentionally calibrated to communicate your distinct personality. Adaptable to meet any challenge—from admission to donor relations to campus-wide strategic communications—our strategic solutions empower your brand to reach across markets, drive awareness, and hold compelling conversations with your audience that spark curiosity, inspire familiarity, and develop affinity.

Strategy Rooted in Research

The development of a marketing strategy is rooted first in our comprehensive research and analysis. Before advising on solutions, our strategists conduct a thorough analysis of your marketing communications strategies, resources, processes, and infrastructure—identifying gaps in your current methods and opportunities for optimization and improvement. Grounded in an understanding of your history, our strategists fearlessly charge forward to develop a wide-ranging strategic plan that communicates your authentic personality to each segment of your audience across multiple marketing landscapes.

We build a detailed marketing plan, prioritizing your goals and objectives and customizing a variety of inbound and outbound solutions to tackle your specific challenges and priorities. The result is not a single-use plan but a living strategic tool that is agile and adaptable. Comprised of communications-flow strategies, proposals for marketing campaigns, and insight into media purchasing, our marketing plans can be utilized to confront any marketing challenge, from owning your primary market to breaking into new ones. From traditional print advertising to the modern digital landscape, our strategies ensure consistency of voice, message, and positioning no matter where you’re found.

We are your partner throughout this critical process, so the development and implementation of your strategic marketing plan includes training sessions and tactical guidelines for you and your team to continue executing and activating strategic insights for years into the future. No matter what challenge comes your way, our marketing strategy illustrates where and how to deploy your personality solution for the biggest impact.

From Personality Solution to Marketing Execution

Our comprehensive media strategy capabilities provide turnkey media execution to support your goals, with a detailed tactical map for campaign execution outlining a month-by-month, audience-by-audience approach. Combined with our in-house execution of traditional and digital paid media, organic tactics, in-depth reporting, insights, and analysis and layered onto our deep mastery of communicating authentic personality, our team of experts becomes a powerful partner in helping you reach your marketing and enrollment goals.

Built on consensus and crafted for performance, our strategic marketing plans for colleges and universities can spur dramatic growth and be adapted to meet all challenges. Reach out to us today to speak about transforming your marketing strategy.