Organizational Brand Personality Solutions for Higher Education

Know who you are—this idea is the crux of Carnegie Dartlet’s organizational personality solution. An outcome of our mixed-methods research, our organizational personality solutions give a human face to your higher education institution so you can spark emotional connections with any audience. Our foundational research methodology is derived from years of evaluation, testing, and modification. The resulting messaging platform reveals the relatable and meaningful human traits that make up your institution’s personality—a personality that will guide marketing strategy for years to come.

Human Focused, Research Based

Each organizational personality solution we author is firmly grounded in the resulting data from our mixed-methods research. From individual interviews and group workshops to market studies and internal audits, our qualitative and quantitative research analysis reaches into every facet of your communications and touches each stakeholder group and audience segment connected to your institution. With a focus on consensus building, we reach across a broad range of perspectives to uncover the many attributes that comprise your institution’s complex personality and facilitate stakeholder conversations to synthesize and validate the big ideas that resonate.

Our proprietary archetype science undergirds the design and execution of every workshop and analysis revealing the human attributes that form the true identity of your college or university. The result is a comprehensive master positioning strategy and messaging platform with the proven power to remain relevant and guide transformative decision-making for years to come.

Escape from factland and communicate a compelling, human-centered message. We uncover the who behind your brand.