Brand Identity Design for Higher Education

It’s not a secret. Building a successful brand starts with clear and consistent visual expression. A controlled and compelling logo and its supporting visual elements are the starting place for long-lasting brand awareness and the foundation of effective marketing campaigns.

Carnegie Dartlet’s brand identity design and assessment services for colleges and universities explore the nuances of your branding—understanding the elements, identifying gaps in design, and creating assets and guidelines that define your authentic look and feel so you stay on brand, and on personality, effortlessly.

Brand Identity Audits

The first step in understanding the power and efficacy of your brand expression in the market is knowing how it is currently applied and controlled. Our team of creative strategists dive deep into your brand’s visual identity as expressed across the institution, internally and externally. We assess current brand design, layout, and usage, and provide detailed insights and recommendations as to how to resolve any inconsistencies to improve brand guidelines, streamline expression, and reflect authentic personality.

Logo and Style Guide Creative

Whether it’s time to refresh or completely overhaul the visual expression of your brand, our team of creative experts collaborate with you to reimagine and revitalize the image you project to the market. From brainstorming and sketching to fine-tuning every visual detail, we generate a suite of brand components and comprehensive style guidelines that speak directly to your archetypal personality. Our team of creatives bring years of expertise in design and execution to bear on creatinge eye-catching, compelling logos, typography, and a clearly defined visual style for increased recognition and dramatic results in the market.

Revitalize Your Presence in the Market

Carnegie Dartlet’s brand identity audits and design services identify gaps and complications in the regulation and expression of your college or university’s brand in the market. Bringing our keen attention to detail to work for you, we collaborate with your creative and executive marketing teams to produce logos, color guides, typography, and overarching style guidelines that meet your standards for excellence and convey the core truth of your institution’s personality. Connect with us today and learn more about how we can help with your brand.