Slate Optimization

Whether you’re new to Technolutions’ CRM or have been an avid user for years, our Slate innovators at Underscore are here to make your life easier.

Underscore, a Carnegie company, is the largest dedicated Slate development and optimization company in the nation, providing tailored solutions with your institution’s brand, audience, and goals in mind. From implementation to communication delivery, our Slate strategists work in your instance to help maximize your CRM investment.

Our Slate services are integrated with our best-in-class Creative, Digital, Enrollment Strategy, Lead Generation, Research, Reputation Strategy, and Web Development services for a full-service experience.

Slate Implementation & Consultation

We customize your Slate instance based on your unique business processes and Underscore best practices. We follow the Technolutions Implementation Road Map, and while your instance is being customized, your staff will be trained to maintain your CRM on their own. If you’ve already implemented, we can help you optimize your instance. If you need more support, we are here for you.

Our suite of Slate implementation and consulting services include: 

  • Full Slate Implementation (From Launchpad to Launch)
  • Implementation Training
  • Slate Instance Audits
  • Phase-Specific Slate Implementation
  • Existing Instance Reimplementation
  • Consultation Opportunities and Retainers
  • Workshops and Trainings (On Campus, Off Site, and Virtual)
  • Reader Development
  • Customized Slate Applications

Slate Campaigns

Leverage Slate to target and connect with the right students, every time. We ensure a responsive and effective setup in your Slate instance to optimize your audiences’ experience. Backed by years of admission and marketing know-how, we have unparalleled knowledge of both Slate functionality and enrollment marketing tactics that will set you up for campaign success.

Our suite of Slate campaign services include: 

  • Student Search
  • Slate Campaign Setup (Application, Yield, Graduate, International, etc.)
  • Slate SMS Messaging
  • Slate Voice Implementation
  • Slate Print Integration

Slate Enrollment Operations

We bring a deep understanding of Slate and best practice solutions for in-house Student Search strategy, inquiry conversion, application generation, and territory management. We monitor all campaigns to understand prospective student tendencies and provide expert advice on how to optimize their journey toward enrollment. By leveraging available tools in Slate, we integrate your marketing and enrollment efforts for maximum impact. 

Our suite of Slate enrollment strategy services include: 

  • Reporting
  • Voyager Analysis and Integration
  • Territory Management and Training
  • Website Integration
  • UTM Tracking Strategy

Slate Special Projects

We pair Slate functionality and creativity to develop the most impactful tools within Slate, including portals, advancement modules, chat features, and other custom solutions to enhance your instance. 

Our suite of special projects include:

  • Student Portals
  • Financial Aid Portals
  • Athletic Portals
  • Recruitment Portals
  • Application Review Communications
  • Inboxes and Chatbots 
  • Slate Features Consultation

Slate Optimization to Maximize Your CRM Investment

Get the most out of your Slate instance by partnering with the experts. The Carnegie and Underscore teams are here to make your life easier by finding efficiencies, customizing your instance, and maximizing your Slate investment. Let’s get started.

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