2016 Carnegie Conference Schedule

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5:00—6:00 pm
Pre-conference social cosponsored by #EMChat
Location: Seabreeze Point, BoarldWalk Inn (weather permitting)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

8:00—8:45 am
8:45—9:15 am
9:15—10:15 am
Ann Handley: Opening Keynote
10:15—11:00 am

Oli Gardner: Creating Lead Gen Landing Pages That Convert Using Conversion-Centered Design

Lead generation is critical to the success of all higher education marketers, but, unfortunately, most marketers are still doing it wrong. In this session Oli Gardner will show you common and uncommon mistakes that are killing your conversion rates. You’ll learn how to use Conversion-Centered Design principles to create high-converting landing experiences for your marketing campaigns. You'll leave knowing how to apply psychology and design to your marketing that attracts not only more leads but higher-quality leads.

11:00—11:30 am
Break including refreshments and book signing with Ann Handley
11:30 am—12:15 pm

Chris Savage: Effective and Scalable Video Tactics

Building audiences with video can be a very scalable marketing tactic. Chris will be focusing on how video used in the right way can be one of the most powerful forms of content for audience building. Get excited for concrete examples of effective video marketing campaigns and tips to make the video production process more approachable and likely to succeed.

12:15—1:45 pm
1:45—2:30 pm

Scott Ochander: The Consensus-Driven Brand: The Art of Defining Institutional Personality, Identity, and Reducing the Risk of Brand Renovation

Defining and launching a renovated brand within a shared governance model can be an intimidating and complex process for even the most daring institutional cultures. And, while universities have a good handle on mission and values, few understand or manage their institution's personality or know how to use facts to create relevant connections to the master narrative. This presentation will demonstrate a model process for successfully developing your consensus-driven brand process and highlight several case studies for consideration.

2:30—2:45 pm
2:45—4:30 pm
Round Tables
Join in on up to three of these exciting, engaging, and timely round table discussions.

Building the Enrollment and Marketing Dream Team

Joann McKenna, Bentley University: You’ve got the players you need on campus to assemble your own enrollment dream team, but the key is identifying internal strengths and capacity so you know when and where to leverage added value and expertise by outsourcing. It's time to think about building new and different relationships both internally and externally and learning how to weave them all together. We'll talk about what your team should know about each other to understand the synergies of activities throughout the funnel. The enrollment management leader may be in the "hottest seat on campus," but sharing and collaborating your assets, coupled with meaningful and smart outsourcing, can give them a powerful advantage.

Non-traditional Student Search

Alexa Poulin, Carnegie Communications: The historical definition of “Student Search” has been marketing to college-bound high school students. But as non-traditional-aged students go back to both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, how can we shift the “Student Search” model to reach this group? We’ll discuss ways you can Search for the non-traditional student, online learner, and grad student using a multi-channel strategy. And you’ll discover how to make the art of traditional Search anything but old-fashioned.

Strategic Data Use for the Graduate Market

Tracey Sheetz, West Virginia University: Too much data, too little optimization—this challenge is by no means unique to one institution. Many are perplexed as they stare at a flood of numbers. In this interactive round table, we will discuss harnessing and navigating data effectively, efficiently, and strategically in your recruitment efforts, including where to start, what to collect, how to interpret, how to ask report writers for what you need, and how to present your findings to decision makers.


Rebecca Miller, OptikNerve: Students choose schools on both tangibles and intangibles. Targeted, well-crafted videos can direct your audience to your informational as well as your emotional goals. Learn how video can take your message into the hearts and minds of potential applicants, including top tips you can use to get started immediately.

Targeted Marketing

Kristina Wong Davis, The Ohio State University: How do you meet the varying needs of your audiences and move away from one-size-fits-all marketing? What do you know or what do you need to know to deliver personalized information? In this session, we will talk about best practices and ideas for tailoring messaging to meet the needs of different target audiences within your recruitment pool.

Leveraging Institutional Marketing to Target Transfer Prospects

Elizabeth Rainwater, Texas Christian University: As colleges focus more attention on increasing transfer enrollment to meet their institutional goals, the strategies for transfer student recruitment have needed to evolve. Prospective transfer students aren’t ‘raising their hands’ as clearly as other student audiences and the ability to identify, reach, engage, and convert them is a very unique process. Join this session to share, discuss, and learn about ways other colleges and universities are breaking out of the traditional mold to accomplish more.

Event Marketing

Melissa Rekos, Carnegie Communications: With recruitment events continuing to prove to be the yield powerhouse (from inquiry to application or acceptance to enrollment), how do you increase visibility, registrations, and attendees to these key events? In this session you’ll learn techniques for leveraging online advertising, PURLs, your website, and e-mails to ensure your prospects know their options.

6:15 pm
Dinner at the American Adventure and Dessert Party in Italy at Epcot®

Friday, January 23, 2015

8:00—9:00 am
9:00—9:45 am

Justin Cutroni: Digital Analytics Demystified: Secrets to Becoming a Measurement Guru

Today's modern marketer must use data to better understand their marketing decisions. But actually collecting and using data can be a challenge. In this talk Justin will offer some practical tips to help you go from data zero to data hero.

9:45 am—10:30 am

Sundar Kumarasamy: 3-D Analytics: Will Tomorrow Be Yesterday?

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." To put this famous quote into action and navigate complex challenges in higher education, you need a 3-D solution: data, decisions, delta. In this session you will gain simple and powerful practical wisdom about how to explore big data to extract useful information, gain insights to make better decisions, and change the present into a more desirable future. You'll also learn about the traps and myths that may derail your efforts and different types of analytic competencies as well as a solid framework that will help you successfully develop an analytical culture at your institution.

10:30—10:45 am
10:45—11:30 am

Dan Shure: SEO For 2015: Beyond Links and Keywords

The field of SEO has matured. We're at a stage where most people know that links and keywords matter. But when it comes to reaching your school's goal via search engines, what else is there? From Google's Quality Scoring system to "user metrics" and semantic search, be prepared to discover several cutting-edge facets of SEO you've probably never seen before!

11:30 am —12:00 pm

Ryan O'Hara: The Digital First Impression

Gone are the days of the firm handshakes, corporate choppers, and fresh-ironed suits. In are the days of micromarketing. Today, in an increasingly competitive college climate, recruits want to feel special. Ryan will deep dive into some ways he was able to generate success using various micromarketing tactics while he was an early employee at Dyn, a now huge Internet infrastructure company, as well as at various other startups. He'll make you rethink just exactly how you should make a digital first impression with your audience.

12:00—12:15 pm
Conference Wrap Up and Conclusions
12:30—2:00 pm
Optional Lunch: Carnegie Communications Informational Session

*Schedule subject to change and will be regularly updated. Check back often for most up-to-date information.