Carnegie Clarity™ for Marketing Attribution and Web Personalization

Imagine personalizing the content on your website to respond to the needs of specific audience segments. With Carnegie ClarityTM, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Built on top of a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), Carnegie ClarityTM is an innovative marketing attribution tool that provides never-before-seen depth of insight into website user data and leverages it to create personalized website experiences based on the interests and behaviors of your users—without requiring any action within your CMS. Take data-driven decision-making to unprecedented levels with Carnegie ClarityTM.

Our team works with you every step of the way, empowering you to understand Carnegie ClarityTM and utilize this incredible tool to reveal your website users’ preferences and behaviors on a deeper level. Our experts consult with you directly and create personalized content aimed at starting human conversations with every visitor on your website.

Behavioral Data

When we get started working with Clarity, our team implements a single line of JavaScript onto your website. This single line of code allows us to dig deep into your website to uncover incredible insights into the behaviors and interests of your site’s users, without ever touching your CMS. We analyze your users’ behaviors as they roam around on your website and understand what content they’re looking at in different sections of the funnel. For example, a user who submits an RFI form may need different content than a user who’s about to submit an application. Clarity allows you to peer behind the curtain and understand exactly what content is convincing users to convert so you can create more of it and drive greater conversions.

The behavioral insights available from Clarity extend even further into your enrollment data. We segment audiences by degree type and interest, uncovering invaluable information about the types of content different prospective students are interested in. Find out whether potential Biology majors are more interested in financial aid or campus housing. Discover whether a Communications major is more drawn to athletics or career services. Then use these insights to drive a content strategy that can completely overhaul your website’s power as a marketing tool.

The behavioral data available with Carnegie ClarityTM disrupts the traditional approach to marketing and paves the way for groundbreaking tactics that speak directly to the needs and concerns of individual prospective students, ultimately leading to impactful enrollment decisions.

Attribution Data

Chances are you have multiple marketing campaigns running simultaneously. With Carnegie ClarityTM, you can find out exactly which campaign had the biggest impact on Requests for Information, event registrations, or applications. Don’t guess and gut-check which tactics are the most effective; instead, discover the truth. Clarity’s marketing attribution data reveals which marketing tactics are driving the most growth and which aren’t, facilitating transformative marketing strategy decisions.

Experience powerful marketing attribution with no cookie expirations or first-touch, last-touch bias. The enrollment cycle for colleges and universities is extensive, and Clarity provides the longevity of insight required to make data-driven decisions that consider user behavior and marketing attribution from the very first touch through enrollment.

Web Personalization

Leveraging all the behavioral insights and attribution data, we create custom content that speaks directly to website users according to their funnel position and interests. Serve specific messaging to students who have already shown interest in a particular program, or invite only students from a particular geographic area to a local event. Web personalization allows you to deliver a customized experience specific to users on your website depending on their user profile and past on-site behavior—even before they submit their information.

Personalized website content can take several forms: pop-ups that take over the whole screen, non-intrusive pop-ups in the corner of the page, even custom adjustments to in-line, on-page content that enable us to speak directly to a user based on their past on-site behavior. The content we serve is based on data served in real time, allowing us to pivot your messaging on a dime with incredible agility to serve personalized messages that reflect a user’s most recent behavior.

Attribution Dashboards

Bring everything together in one comprehensive, extensive data visualization tool. Our Carnegie ClarityTM Dashboards provide a multipurpose, multifaceted deep dive into your data. Clearly illustrating marketing attribution with extensive filtering options to allow for specific insights, the dashboard easily illustrates which marketing campaigns are having the biggest impact on enrollment.

The behavioral sections of the dashboard intuitively display behavior by funnel position and program of interest, guiding data-driven content strategy decisions that can build a robust website and turn your web presence into your strongest enrollment marketing tool.

Get Proactive With Carnegie ClarityTM

Earn students’ trust through personalized content that sparks genuine interest. Carnegie ClarityTM enables proactive marketing techniques that empower you to interact with your prospective students on a personal level before they ever submit their first RFI. Nurture your prospects from the top of the funnel to the bottom with personalized content drawn from a deep understanding of their behaviors and interests. Reach out to us today.