Attract International Students With AC&U

International student recruitment remains a daunting challenge for many higher education institutions. The AC&U international student recruitment platform measurably improves your school’s position in international markets to unequivocally increase your international enrollment.

The AC&U platform presents an unmatched opportunity to grow brand awareness across the globe through our circulation of print and online resources with a reach across 175 countries. Position your institution in front of over 200,000 students long before they start the college application process—securing the brand awareness needed to spur international applications and enrollments year-over-year.

How AC&U Works

The AC&U platform is a part of our leading student portal, CollegeXpress, specifically targeted at the international student audience. Through AC&U, your institution secures a personalized and detailed profile featured on our online AC&U international student portal and in our global circulation of magazines.

AC&U magazine is delivered to over 2,000 international locations across the globe—putting your message in front of students at International Baccalaureate schools, embassies, advising centers, libraries, and the Department of Defense. This powerful tool builds brand awareness in crucial, hard-to-reach international markets—a proven strategy for filling the international student funnel.

Through AC&U, students can easily find your institution—online and in the magazine—and indicate their interest. We then message students with consistent, intelligent email outreach and content marketing strategies to increase your brand visibility in this elusive market. They can easily indicate their interest in your institution, and we deliver these engaged international students directly to your enrollment funnel. With AC&U, you can establish the human connection so effective at producing applications.

Continue the Conversation With Custom Response Service

Successful recruitment requires consistent interaction from the first touch to enrollment. Show students you’re listening with our Custom Response Service (CRS).

With CRS, we send a personalized message directly to a student moments after they indicate their interest in your institution. These messages appear to come from your admission department and can be customized to serve different messages for different audience segments. CRS emails have remarkable open and click-through rates with a proven increase in student lead retention.

Re-envision International Student Recruitment With AC&U

AC&U empowers your admission team to bolster your international student recruitment efforts—measurably increasing your exposure in those hard-to-reach international markets and securing active, high-quality leads from students around the globe. Take your international recruitment strategy to the next level with Carnegie Dartlet.