The Most Powerful Student Reach and Lead Generation Tool for Colleges and Universities

Effortlessly connect with engaged prospective students through Carnegie Dartlet’s lead generation services for public and private colleges and universities around the world. Grounded in a 35-year-long legacy, beginning with our original magazine, Private Colleges and Universities (PC&U), our lead generation services have evolved into the modern CollegeXpress Platform, used by over 500 colleges and universities every year to expand their reach and meet their enrollment goals.

The CollegeXpress Platform for colleges and universities connects you with thousands of college-bound students actively looking for institutions like yours. Reach students in the years leading up to their college decision, including elusive high school freshmen and sophomores—making the first connection early so your institution gains valuable visibility before students build an initial shortlist of schools.

The strength of the CollegeXpress Platform is in the quality and reach of the student data you receive. Your university will gain access to the platform’s five million annual visitors as well as promotion through email and digital marketing to millions of pre-qualified high school students from the top student search name sources. With CollegeXpress on your admission team, you gain a consistent inflow of high-quality student leads filling the top of your funnel year-over-year—leading to tangible increases in applications and enrollments.

How the Platform Works

The CollegeXpress Platform grows your brand visibility intelligently with an attractive online presence on our leading college search platform, consistent messaging through email outreach, inbound attraction through our content marketing strategies, and unrivaled lead generation services that spur highly sought-after interactions with high school students from freshman to senior year.

We build a compelling profile for your college or university on CollegeXpress, customized and highlighted to attract the quality of students most likely to show interest in your school. The prospects active on CollegeXpress receive regular emails presenting your school as an excellent choice for their college education. The moment these students signal their interest in your institution, a lead is generated and sent to your admission team.

The result of a partnership with CollegeXpress is unmatched brand awareness, consistent brand visibility in front of key audiences, and year-round weekly delivery of an unlimited number of leads—leads that have explicitly expressed interest in your institution.

This is college recruitment taken to new heights.

Segment by Academic Achievement

Reaching the right student matters. An effective enrollment strategy requires intelligent segmentation and recruiting tactics aimed at messaging the students most likely to show interest in your institution. Leveraging your insights into your current student body, we can promote your institution in front of students with similar academic performance—so you strategically recruit only those students who best fit your institution.

Segment by Academic Interest

Promote your top-performing academic programs or grow top-of-funnel leads for a new program with our potent academic interest platforms. Each funnel grants access to hundreds of thousands of students across the nation with a demonstrated interest in the academic field in which your institution excels. Our suite of academic interest segmentation platforms include:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Health and Medicine
  • Performing Arts
  • Science and Engineering
  • Visual Arts

Segment by Specialized Area of Interest

College-bound students across the nation are searching for colleges and universities that share their values and promote their interests. Gain access to these students and share your message of inclusion or faith-based purpose with both students and their parents—forging the kind of strong emotional bonds that lead to enthusiastic enrollments further down the road.

Our specialized areas include:

  • Catholic
  • Christian
  • Graduate
  • International
  • Multicultural (with a national reach of over one million students)
  • Transfer

Spark Instant and Lasting Engagement With Custom Response Service

Incoming undergraduates want to feel a connection with the colleges they love. Let them know you’re excited to meet them the instant they show interest in your institution through our Custom Response Service (CRS). We send fully customizable emails that appear to come from your admission department the moment a student indicates interest in your college or university. You have full control of the copy and the ability to personalize the message by different segments. CRS emails yield incredible click-through and open rates—sparking that essential first conversation that forges a connection between your institution and your prospects.

Recruit Proactively With CollegeXpress Connect

Institutions engaged with CollegeXpress can also gain access to our advanced student search portal: CollegeXpress Connect. Comb through our database of prospects and filter by intelligent audience segmentation criteria such as gender, geography, intended major, and more. Reach out directly to prospects actively seeking colleges or universities like yours and dramatically grow the number of leads in your enrollment funnel.

Check out a demo of the service here.

Powerfully Effective Recruiting for Undergraduate Colleges and Universities

The pairing of our CollegeXpress Platform with our direct outreach gives you access to millions of highly engaged, precisely segmented college-bound students searching for higher education institutions like yours. The heavy lifting happens on our end—setting up your highlighted CollegeXpress profile, segmenting the students, and promoting your profile on the platform and through email and digital outreach—resulting in a continuous flow of the highest-quality leads in the industry directly to the top of your enrollment funnel.

Reach out to us today to start a conversation about CollegeXpress.