Communications Audits for Higher Education

To activate an impactful marketing strategy, you must first understand your own marketing and communications systems, including their strengths and weaknesses. Our suite of communications audits extensively review the processes, roadblocks, infrastructure, support, and functionality behind your college or university’s marketing strategy both internally and externally—in print, digital, and across teams. We uncover what resources are involved in your marketing strategy, how integrated your campaigns are, and what opportunities exist for you to maximize the potential of your marketing and communications assets. We then provide comprehensive reports with in-depth insights and recommendations so you can execute your personality solution broadly, efficiently, and effectively.

Competitive Audit

In order to outperform the competition, you need to understand them. In our competitive audit, our expert strategists assess the performance of your competitors in the market. We uncover what stories they are telling and which personality traits they are projecting so you can better understand where you fit and what opportunities exist for your personality to dominate the market.

Collateral Audit

Before considering a shift in your marketing or communications approach, know the story you are currently telling. Through our collateral audit, we assess high-impact pieces from your current marketing, recruitment, athletics, or fundraising communications flows. These are evaluated against our proprietary rubric to understand which personality archetypes you’re currently projecting, the effectiveness of your storytelling, and how to prioritize which pieces need to be updated or overhauled.

Marketing Communications Audit

To successfully achieve personality-driven marketing goals, your marketing and communications teams need to be optimized for performance. Our strategists delve deeply into how your teams are organized, what resources they have, what systems are in place, and how every piece of the machine is working together. The result: actionable insights that guide the organization of your teams and processes for greater efficiency in your marketing.

Enrollment Communications Audit

Your communications flow dictates how and when your audience receives your messages. If there are interruptions or gaps in the flow, you could be missing critical communications opportunities. Our enrollment communications audit assesses your enrollment strategies and recruitment communications efforts in light of industry-wide best practices. From audience segmentation to CRM integration, our senior admission strategists use their firsthand experience and knowledge gained from our 500+ higher education clients to provide insights and recommendations designed to get you closer to brand alignment and goal achievement.

Brand Identity Audit

When your institution’s visual identity is not aligned, it can cause confusion in the market. In our comprehensive brand identity audit, we immerse ourselves in the visual identity of your brand, how it appears in the market, and where it is being misused. This provides actionable insight into how to better control the quality and presence of your visual story and more effectively communicate your personality across the visual marketing landscape in the print and digital worlds.

Technical SEO Audit

Each and every marketing effort leads to your website. Ensuring that the centerpiece of your digital presence—your site—is optimized for search engines and users is essential to successful marketing, no matter what the goal. Our comprehensive technical SEO audit identifies the issues that are negatively impacting your visibility online so you can refine your website and build an online presence that communicates your personality—drawing in prospective students effortlessly.

Communications Audits for Optimized Marketing Strategy

Routine auditing of your communications ensures the continued success of your marketing strategy at the highest level. Only when you understand where your roadblocks occur and where your opportunities lie can you move forward with a clear vision. Our communications audits identify these challenges, and our strategists advise on the paths forward, empowering you to project your authentic personality and change the face of your college or university in the marketplace.