Signature Marketing Creative

The creative assets you use in your marketing set the tone for how your audience sees and connects with your entire organization. How do you know what’s right and wrong in your communications?

Driven by data-fueled insights and a deep understanding of your brand’s personality, Carnegie Dartlet’s team of designers, writers, and developers can effectively humanize your organization through creative execution. We design not to our subjective whim but for the empirical, authentic expression of your organization, telling stories that awaken the senses and engage your audience—with measurable results.

From print collateral to digital and multimedia strategies, we present a clear, comprehensive, and unified front to diverse stakeholders. Not only are our visual assets imaginative, inspir ed, and effective, but they’re richly personified and drive human connection.

Multimedia Production

Your organization’s personality is brought to life through multimedia storytelling. Our expert team of creatives adapt every script, shoot, and pixel to your organization’s unique identity. With production capabilities that include custom photo, video, scriptwriting, editing, and audio production, your personality will be more gripping and apparent than ever before.

Brand Content Strategy

Content is king. Each project begins with an intelligent content strategy shaped by your organization’s unique personality and audience personas, setting the stage for every decision, pen stroke, and pixel placement that follows. Messaging priorities are defined and ordered to advance reputation and encourage action. We value simplicity and potency as we craft compelling story-based messaging rooted in personality that will bring your organization to life and generate deep human connections with your target audience. Learn More >

Brand Identity

For your organization to build a reputation, it’s foundational to showcase a clear and consistent brand across your visual communications. Our visual identity audit provides a comprehensive assessment of existing brand identity implementation focused on quality, consistency, and visual representation. A detailed audit report and evaluation provides a clear framework for prioritizing branding efforts and improving style guidelines.

Next, we create comprehensive brand standards that serve to govern all creative assets generated. This consolidated master document is your guide for managing the brand moving forward, detailing color palette, typography, logo use, design application, and imagery style. This guidance will protect the brand from unintentional shifts over time and allow more participants in the creation of on-brand materials. Learn More >

Creative Campaigns

Our primary objective is always a clear definition of who you are as an organization and how best to convey your story. With all the strategic pieces in place—built soundly around your core strategy and authentic definition of Self—we can then responsibly conceive of accurate campaign tactics and creative.

Carnegie Dartlet’s creative campaign process is research supported and audience tested, ensuring we aren’t creating just what’s pretty but also what’s right. Each of the drafted concepts are true to your personality, driven by a clear story arc and positioned for measurable success. The concepts are further refined through qualitative and quantitative testing, resulting in a final product brilliant in design, powerful in messaging, and poised to turn heads in the market. Why guess on success when you don’t have to? Learn More >

Signature Creative as Unique as Your Brand

Carnegie Dartlet’s signature creative services deliver a compelling suite of creative collateral that tells your story and positions you ahead of the pack. Bringing to bear a legacy of leadership and a spirit of innovation, our team of creative strategists will energize your marketing and foster authentic human connections. We’ll work with you to customize a creative suite of print, digital, and multimedia materials reflective of your organization’s personality and goals, and we’ll craft those materials to generate greater attention, excitement, and results in the market. Reach out to us today to take your creative to the next level.