Brand Content Strategy for Higher Education

At the start of the most successful marketing campaigns is an intelligent content strategy. Carnegie Dartlet begins creative campaign development with a detailed brand content strategy born of a client’s authentic personality solution. Discovery interviews, priority messaging, and personality strategy come together to create a detailed map per page of collateral, guiding creative production from first draft copy to final design.

As a partner in your creative efforts, we gain consensus and approval through each stage of content development, encouraging you to own your strategy from start to finish. Through our in-depth creative blitzes, we help your team gain the confidence and expertise to become content strategists themselves, translating strategy into stunning creative assets that convey your personality in human terms.

Adaptive Strategy Built on Consensus

Our best practice approach to content strategy guides the start to finish production of creative assets—whether an eight-page print piece or a broad sweeping multi-channel campaign. To ensure that your strategy fits your goals, we rely on your team’s insight and approval every step of the way. Our goal is to lay the groundwork for compelling storytelling in every touchpoint and interaction.

From Ideation to Execution: The Wireframing Process

The key to creating compelling marketing campaigns lies in the wireframing process. Before we draft a single piece of content, we identify who the key audiences are, what emotional response we hope to generate, and which messages and strategies we’ll employ. Guided by your personality solution and campaign goals we wireframe messaging and style requirements per page to ensure each campaign stays on brand and on target—regardless of the goal.

Execute Content Strategy Confidently Through a Creative Blitz

In a dynamic series of day-long workshops, we train and inspire your teams to craft their own creative assets using our own generative methods.

From determining the style of images that best convey your authentic personality to identifying which copy points work and which do not, we discover the true, look, feel, and voice of your college or university. We put what we learn to work through on-site asset creation, practicing the wireframing process in detail and arm your marketing and communications teams with the expertise to craft visually stunning campaigns.

Brand Content Strategy That’s Proven Effective

When we build brand content strategies for colleges and universities we begin with the authentic personality of the institution. Each strategy is intentionally crafted to humanize your higher education institution and help you achieve your marketing goals far into the future. Moreover, we train your team to execute your content strategy with pin-point accuracy—ensuring you produce intelligent marketing campaigns that deliver impactful results.

Reach out today to learn how to build a brand content strategy like no other. Let’s get started.