Higher Education Marketing Campaigns

When you have a good story, tell it. Our campaign strategy and development translate your core strategy into head-turning visual and verbal communications that speak clearly to your core sense of Self. We demonstrate in every pixel and penstroke a deep understanding of your unique personality, and the extent of its expression across different media types and audiences. The result is a cohesive marketing campaign as specific and identifying as a fingerprint that captures the attention and intrigue of your audiences.

Every campaign is research-supported and can be audience-tested to optimize for highest strategic impact in the market—allowing you to rise above the noise and secure your position in a competitive marketplace.

Turn Heads in the Market

Our team of world-class designers, producers, writers, and strategists match their creative expertise with a deep understanding of your personality to tell stories that course with your DNA. Drawing from your authentic storylines, we strategize the images, graphics, design, and phrases that best articulate illustrate story. Most importantly, we identify the hook: the overarching concept that defines, in memorable terms, who you are in the market. This key phrase and core look and feel elicit the emotional response you seek from your audience.

Tactically this concept is designed to function as the basis for multi-channel campaign execution. From billboards and campus banners to viewbooks, digital ads, and website landing pages, we create full-lifecycle marketing campaigns to target undergraduate and, graduate students, faculty and staff, external stakeholders, and donors.

Qualitative Testing

Through internal qualitative testing, we solicit community feedback that illuminates close-to-the-source interpretations and historical considerations. Every piece of this data is funneled through personality-specific language that can then be applied to revising and refining your marketing campaign concepts.

Quantitative Testing

Following internal creative review, we invite the market to weigh in. Nationwide remote quantitative testing of each concept allows us to catch red-flags or misconceptions quickly and revise based on personality-focused feedback. We move on only with a clear audience-vetted path forward, rooted in empirical data.

Visually and Verbally Stunning Higher Ed Marketing Campaigns

Carnegie Darlet brings your brand to life with marketing campaigns of unrivaled beauty and elegance. —yet our campaign concepts are more than simply stunning. Rooted in our psychometric model, they are expertly calibrated to achieve your goals, and intentionally designed to forge emotional connections that last. Speak with us today for concept-to-creation campaign development and strategy.